Sylvia Pellicore

Sylvia Pellicore

Durham, NC

Developer, leader, teacher.

Person using a SyncBraille refreshable braille display


I am passionate about building a better web for everyone. My day job is as an accessibility coordinator for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina. Outside of work, I speak, write, and teach about accessibility. I also provide freelance accessibility consulting and training; reach out if you are interested.

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Girl Develop It

I am a co-leader of the Raleigh/Durham chapter of Girl Develop It, an organization helping women get involved in technology. We teach beginner-friendly tech classes and hold social and networking events for developers of all levels. Since 2012, Sylvia has planned events, developed curriculum, and taught classes for GDIRDU.

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Durham Bull

My Home

I am a proud citizen of Durham, NC. If you haven't been to visit, you should. The city has a great mix of vibrant culture, great food, and rich history. It's also home to an unparalled group of tech innovators. If you are fellow Durhamite, let me sing the praises of Durham One Call (one-stop government services) and Is the Library Open?

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I'm pretty social too. We should be friends.